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Gennifer Flowers Wilts over Clinton's 'My Life'

The Age News: Gennifer FlowersSlogging another five minutes of fame, Gennifer Flowers (the cabaret singer who allegedly had an affair with Bill Clinton) is wilting over his treatment of her in his newly-published memoir, 'My Life' and is threatening legal action.

"I have learned that Bill Clinton has repeated his lies about me and I am sickened by his continued disregard for the truth," Flowers said. "Bill Clinton pretends to be contrite but he continues to bear false witness against his neighbour. He is a national disgrace."

In the memoir, he continues to deny any 12-year affair, saying only that he had a relationship with Flowers "that I should not have had" in the 1970s. "The fact is there was no 12-year affair," he wrote.
Quote: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"... Whoops, sorry - that was Lewinsky.


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