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Bush Family History

With an election looming and Fahrenheit 911 movie about to be released, the history of the Bush Family and the middle east may have a significant impact on the coming election. So for your reading pleasure a brief history is listed here, courtesy of Political Gateway, the official Bush White House biography and the Bush Presidential Library.

Fascinating reading. Reminds me of the Cheney/Haliburton connection and Kennedy senior's shady past. They are all kindred spirits. Opportunist shadow people riding the fine line between good and evil wherever it fills their pockets. Obviously there's big money in war and intrigue.

But we get what we deserve don't we? We never vote for the little independent guy who is not beholding to anybody. We always go for the big-biz mainstream parties. Ralph Nader who?

Can George W. break free from his family's past? Time will tell. But of course it is a double-edged sword. No matter how much he may try, the fact is Bush junior wouldn't be president today if he were not born into a family of privilege and influence. And with so many of Daddy's buds around, well... you can't have it both ways can you? It's time to grow up and be your own man Georgy.

Not much of a playing field is there? Kerry the meanderer? Hmmmmm. So far that scenario doesn't work for me either. Do you think maybe a 'None of the above' option will be available? Hope so.


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