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Shifting America's Paradigms

I came across this post by Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame. He quotes fellow blogger Andrew Sullivan's retort to mainstream media writer Susan Sontag:
"Sontag asserts that the core of the U.S. and coalition mission in Iraq is imperial conquest. This is demonstrably untrue. The motives of the French and Belgians in nineteenth and twentieth century imperialism were utterly different than the Bush administration's attempt to pre-empt Islamist terror in the wake of 9/11. The goal from the beginning of the Iraq war has been to set up a democratic and stable Iraq and to move toward U.S. withdrawal. No imperialist would be insisting upon a June 30 deadline for the transfer of sovereignty, as President Bush did last night. The conflation of these two distinct endeavors is absurd: mere rhetoric, not argument. Was American intervention in Bosnia, of which Sontag approved, "imperialist"? It saved Muslims from a totalitarian, genocidal monster as well. And we still have troops there. If Sontag wants to make a distinction between the two wars, it would be interesting to read. But none is there. She is venting, not arguing."
Glenn ended his post with the nondescript comment: "Indeed".

Well that is all very well and interesting fellas, but I can't help but wonder - if US involvement in Iraq is really all that noble, why then can't they make a timely withdrawal and get heck out of there? And NO - the original plan was to get rid of Saddam, his alleged WMD's and terrorist connections, and give it back to the Iraqi's - period... and in a timely fashion. NOT, to doddle around indefinitely manipulating behind the scenes.

I for one don't buy the White House spiel. Read between the lines and you will see that George W. continues to make it up along the way and spew his "rhetoric" (such as) "we will stay the course". And why is that? Because, the so-called June 30th handover will be symbolic at best, and he's going to stick around long enough to make certain that a pro-American puppet government is in power. Whatever it takes and no matter how many body bags come home.

So let's get real here for a moment shall we. We all know that our interests are a tad more greedy than we care to admit - i.e. what about the oil, and... the oil, and... oh yeah - the oil. Yada, yada, yada.

Yes, we got rid of a bad guy named Saddam, but there's a million others like him around the world that don't happen to sit on the 3rd largest oil field. So please, save the speeches for the 4th of July.

Don't get me wrong. All that I'm saying is let's be honest and stop trying to spin this noble, high-minded nonsense. It's all chicanery, and unless you have had the opportunity to live abroad you can't really understand why the rest of the world doesn't buy into it.

It's about paradigms - just ask Stephen Covey. No matter how many 'smart' bombs we build, we cannot possibly re-create mankind in America's image, and that is precisely the kind of arrogant thinking that has created so much anti-American resentment.

The rest of the world ain't all that stupid fellas, and it's time that we gave them the benefit of the doubt for having a brain and treat them with some semblance of respect. The 'smart' money says we should be learning how to live and let live, get along with our neighbours and make the so-called 'enemy' our ally. Not developing the latest technology that can pulverize them into oblivion.

Remember the cold war? Are you a movie buff? Frankenstein's monster can easily turn against it's creator.


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