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This Blog sounds good. All the information posted here very informative. Great Tech & ELearning Blog.
Technology News
commented by Anonymous Technology News, 3:50 AM  
The headline news, as seen on various new channels, sums up the news being spoken below by the news reporter. In the newspaper, the whole news is summed up to a single headline which is set as the headline of the news article.
commented by Anonymous news headlines, 8:23 AM  
2012 is the year Christ MUST return for His Saints

Q1 – ARE WE THE FINAL GENERATION = YES, this seems obvious
. . Israel as a nation was the first hint

Q2 – WHEN DID IT START = 1967.5,
. . this final generation has already stared
. . when the Jewish army took Jerusalem
. . in the six day war
. . the tribulation is the 70th week of Daniel
. . = which was a prophecy about Jerusalem = (holy city)

. . (Mat 24:34) “Verily I say unto you,
. . This generation SHALL NOT PASS, = (die)
. . till all these things be fulfilled.”

Q4 - WHAT DO YOU THINK A GENERATION IS = 51.6 solar years
. . this was calculated from the 14+14+14 of Mat 1:17
. . this duration was used to accurately predict
. . or state the date of Israel’s rebirth
. . right down to the very day May 14, 1948
. . from the book“Armageddon”, by Grant Jeffrey

. . 1967.5 + 51.6 = 2019.1 return in Glory to earth door
. . 2019.1 – 6.9(7 Hebrew) = 2012.2 rapture door
. . .1 * 364.25 = 36.4 (-Jan=31) = February 5.4
. . .2 * 36.4 = 72.8 = (-Jan=31) (-Feb=28) = March 13.8

. . Satan has blinded us so easily
. . This 2020 vision is not only a date that we are allowed to know
. . but in the original Greek,
. . we are even commanded to know
. . in (Mat 24:33) “,,, KNOW that it is near, even at the DOORS”.

. . it is the worst half of the tribulation
. . it starts half way through the seven year tribulation
. . when Satan + demons are sent to earth
. . =3.45 solar years
. . .45 * 364.25 = 163.91 days + 3 years
. . the door is some time in September of 2015
. . I think,,,

for more info on this subject
search 2020 + vision + yolasite
commented by Blogger one_christian_warrior, 7:59 AM  
could I ask someone
to build this simple item for me
it is relatively easy to build
(I happen to be disabled + unable to build this)
It should be very cheap
built out of junkyard parts even
to reproduce in any scale, any voltage

I know that it seems too simple to work
but I proved that it works with my electric wheelchair experiment
it seems too stupidly simple to work
but it does

this is the Canadian Gift to the world
please prove that it does work
in all scales + voltages

I would prefer if it was proved before tomorrow
there must be a way that the multiplication works
if you put power into a wheel turning very slowly
and then take power out of the motor(s)
that spin hundreds of times faster

Help me, help others, help themselves
we could start a new + improved industrial age
one that not only cause little mess of pollution
like in the original industrial age brought with it

This one could actually help our environment
by producing costless to run air and water filters
we could possibly have every back yard mechanic
coming out with very specialized adoptions
for this free energy box, cube, machine

I have stumbled upon the

Yes, and even better than perpetual
this machine actually makes its own power
as in – this system uses passing time to gain electrical energy
yes, we can let electricity generate itself
No more dependency on OIL, and the middle east oil supplies
and the world says, YES

Now hold on just a moment
I know that this is not a true example of perpetual motion
Because of bearings alone
or should I say, the fact that they will wear out eventually
That is why I added the word "machine" afterwards

This is a man made machine
Which only mimics perpetual motion
As it continues to run, seemingly forever
Producing electricity as a side effect, (bonus !!!)

This came to me when I was over visiting at the park
I was thinking about how electricity worked
and how my electric chair had the ability to charge itself
on most any type of downhill run
(as it uses an electrical breaking system)

I don't know if you know anything about me or not,
but learning new things is one of my greatest pleasures
When investigating how things work
I always have to push the limits, lol
not only learning how things works
but then tinker with trying to improve them, lol

I went with the idea of a ten-speed bicycle, (something that I knew about)
Where I wanted to go uphill in tenth gear, (least rotations of the pedals)=motor
and then downhill in first gear, (most rotations of pedals)=motor
so, I would go uphill at full speed
and then downhill at slow speed
So,,, now I had something to experiment with
now I had measurable tests to do

I started off with a low battery, (so that I did not have the power to drive all the way up)
driving up a long steep hill at the park in the full speed position, (tenth gear)
(until my chair would not go any further, as my battery was dead)
and then going back down the hill in slow speed, (first gear)
(not super slow, as I had time limits = only 4-6 hours of sunlight left)
Then I immediately turned around, and went back up at full speed
And guess what happened
I could travel twenty feet higher up the hill
so, I had a net gain of electricity,,, (a blessing)

Logic and common sense says
that you will have energy losses
do to heat from friction if nothing else
causing you to not be able to make it as far up the hill
the second time you drive up it

Well, I first thought that this might just be a strange happening,
so I did it again and again, doing it three times,
each time gaining twenty more feet, up a steep hill, (60 feet total)
Not only did I do it three times that day
but I later thought that this went against logic, (I must have dreamed it)
and I did the whole experiment over,
with the same electricity gaining results

this could be easily built out of junkyard parts
a detailed diagram of this mechanism is at:

commented by Anonymous Joseph Adam Lynch, 10:37 AM  
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The feature news, as seen on different new channels, aggregates up the news being spoken beneath by the news journalist. In the daily paper, the entire news is summed up to a solitary feature which is situated as the feature of the news article.
Really very nice article. As well as helpful to gain knowledge about the tax accountants. Thanks to update us.
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