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Bush Wins (I think)

The Bloke hates to say he told you so - BUT it’s beginning to look like he told you so

So there you have it folks. Blog Bloke called it right on the money. Barring weeks of recounts, 11 day wait for provisional Ohio ballot count, overseas military ballots, huge lawsuits, small riots, lost electronic tapes, and 58,000 missing absentee ballots in broward....Bush will have won the 2004 Presidential Election!

I’m going to bed now as the numbers are still coming in. Kerry and Edwards are putting on a brave face saying that “every vote will be counted” before conceding, but the handwriting is on the wall.

All estimates give Bush the lead in Ohio, New Mexico, Nevada et al. But the clincher was when I saw Dan Rather point out to everyone’s “surprise” that Americans are coming out in record numbers and voting according to “moral issues”. I knew then that Bush had it in the bag. So good-night, sleep tight America and see you tomorrow. We’ve got work to do.


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