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Presidential Election 2004

Religious Right vs. Anti-Religious Left

Why the Debates don't mean Diddly

The Bloke is known for cutting through the rhetoric and getting to the bottom line, and so he is going out on a limb here. The truth of the matter is in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter who won the debates, what the polls say, Iraq or whatever.

This election all boils down to a simple common denominator - the religious right vs. the anti-religious left. The deciding factor will be if Bush will be able to rally the religious-right to come out in force election day. And if he is successful, Bush will be the prez again.

As much as the broadcasters try to play it up like a horse race to sell the news, everything else is moot - really.

So all you armchair pundits out there, rant all you want. After it is all said and done the Bloke will be right here to say he told you so.


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