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News at the Speed of Light

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Political Blogs Getting the Most "Buzz"

Iraq consistently ranks as the most-discussed issue in political blogs, and blog-related discussion has spiked with key political events and issues, sometimes waiting for mainstream media attention to catch up.

With less than one week until the Nov. 2 election, these findings emerge in data from Intelliseek's Campaign Radar 2004, a web site that tracks and analyzes political blog content daily from more than two million blogs.

"Clearly, bloggers' influence on political discussion and the election is evident and growing," said Intelliseek CMO Pete Blackshaw. "The web-enabled public is relying on a variety of sources, including blogs, traditional media and other web sites, to inform themselves, find unfiltered opinions, and to guide their votes. And bloggers, in some instances, are pushing the envelope in defining the political agenda and news coverage."
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