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Apprentice Bradford Cohen Fired!

Apprentice Bradford Cohen

"It Doesn't Get any Better Than This"

Although Blog Bloke hates to admit it, he watches 'The Apprentice' from time to time (it's the only reality show that he really likes). The Bloke has been in a state of shock and only now can he bring himself to comment on it.

The Don has definitely trumped himself this time. In show-stopping style he gave us a glimpse of what the big, bad world of biz is really all about.

Perhaps like me you were dumbfounded by the Donald’s decision. But in case you missed it, in a fatal moment of bravado, lawyer Bradford Cohen waived his protected status and came into the board room to face the music with the rest of his peers.

After brutalising the losing team, pushing every button he could muster with all the gusto of a shark tenderizing its meal, the Donald suddenly turned on Bradford and uttered those terrible words "Your Fired".

And to add insult to injury, only moments earlier the Don complimented him several times saying that he was his favorite apprentice. Astonishing!

Don justified his decision by saying he couldn’t allow anyone who could make such a “stupid” gamble to head one of his companies. Somehow it makes sense, right? Well, I guess so... but nonetheless it was a real shocker and the Bloke didn't see it coming.

Trump said it best. At the end of the show he leaned back in his chair and said "it doesn't get any better than that". Can you spell P-O-W-E-R F-R-E-A-K?

So the Bloke says to Donald. Ok, maybe you were justified in being a little peeved, but if Bradford really was the best of the bunch wouldn't a spanking and warning have sufficed? But then again, that’s why Trump is the Donald, and the Bloke is, well...

So what was the message the Bloke received? Big business is nasty stuff and the Donald revels in it - and it makes for great television.

(P.S.: Bloke only watches the show because it represents everything that he despises about the human condition - greed, betrayal, climbing the corporate ladder, boardroom knife fights and backroom chicanery... and for a few brief moments it makes the Bloke feel a little smug and good about himself.)

Some day I can only hope to see the Donald receive the same treatment that he enjoys meeding out (like cancelling his show perhaps?). "Donald, you're fired". Somehow it has a nice ring to it, don't you think?


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