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CBS Experts didn't Authenticate Bush Memos

Rathergate Continued

CNN reports three document experts who were asked by CBS News to examine memos alleging President Bush received special treatment during his service in the Texas Air National Guard told CNN Tuesday that they did not authenticate the documents - and one said the network "ignored" her reservations about them before a "60 Minutes" broadcast last week.

Marcel Matley (who appeared Friday on the CBS Evening News during anchor Dan Rather's lengthy defense of his reporting on the memos) told CNN that he could only verify that Lt. Col. Jerry Killian's signatures on the documents in question were from the same source.

The Kansas City Star also reports that a detailed comparison by the Washington Post of memos obtained by CBS News with authenticated documents on President Bush's National Guard service reveals dozens of inconsistencies. They range from conflicting military terminology to different word-processing techniques, the newspaper reported.

The former secretary for the Texas Air National Guard colonel who supposedly wrote the memos critical of Bush's Guard service told The Dallas Morning News that the CBS documents are fake, but that they reflect real documents that once existed. And CBS News President Andrew Heyward said yesterday that his network will not reveal the source of disputed documents
The plot thickens...


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